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MoP Release Schedule:

esstela, Sep 15, 12 5:00 AM.

September 25: MoP launches

October 2: Mogu'shan Vaults (normal) opens

October 7: Mogu'shan Vaults (LFR) opens, those who cleared normal Vaults can access heroic mode

October 30: Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring (normal) open, with Terrace only accessible by clearing Heart

November 6: Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring (LFR) open; queuing for Terrace requires clearing Heart. Those who cleared normal Heart can access heroic Heart, same for Terrace.


Fallen Angel-Kel'Thuzad
Hello, and welcome to <Fallen Angel's> Official Website.
We are a level 25 guild on Kel'Thuzad Alliance.
We are progressing heroics and raid current content.
If you are interested in applying please scroll to the top and select "Join Fallen Angel"

Fallen Angel Policies

1. Loot will be distributed fairly. Main spec rolls 1-100, Off spec rolls 1-1000. MS>OS
2. If a member commits to attending raid times and they do not show up they are liable to lose their position as a core raider.
3. Harassment is not tolerated.
4. All players are expected to be supportive and encourage of one another.
5. If a raid member is still not improving after personal help and instructions of what they need to do, they are liable of losing their raiding position.

6. If a member does not "Sign up" three days prior calendar invite they are liable to lose position in raid.
7. If a member cannot attend a raid they should select "Tentative" on guild invite and in game message GM or Raid Leader at least three days prior they are liable to lose position in raid (contact fluffers/esstela). 

Raiding - PvE

Fallen Angel is currently running Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear. We had our first core run Tuesday December 6, 2011 with eight confirmed guild members.

Our Dragon Soul progression was 8/8 Heroic.
Our Mogu'shan Vaults progression is 1/6 Heroic.
Our Heart of Fear progression is 1/6 Normal.

Our core spots are currently filled.

If you are interested in applying for Fallen Angel scroll to the top and hit "Join Fallen Angel".

Raiding Times for Mogu'shan Vaults

Fridays (One Day Clear)
5:30 PM Server Time (US-Mountain)

Raiding Times for Heart of Fear

Saturday, Sunday Monday
5:30-8:30 PM Server Time (US-Mountain) 






 Rated Battle Grounds & Arena - PvP

Fallen Angel is recruiting a Rated Battle Ground Leader for guild RBG progression.
We also need players who are interested in Arenas and running in RBGs.

If you are interested in applying for Fallen Angel scroll up and click "Join Fallen Angel"



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